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Every printer has sleep mode. Sleep mode of a printer automatically sets the printer into a lower-power state after some particular time of non-use of the device. Most Printers have the feature of disabling the sleep mode. However, it is recommended that you keep sleeping mode on for better consumption. You can easily make the printer returns to its normal power state whenever you will try to perform any action on your HP Technical Support printer.

Whether your printer is on sleep mode or not, you can make it sure by concentrating on following things:

·         Printer’s control panel display is dark



·         Printer’s power light is slowly blinking



·         Printer’s power light is dim



However, you should not that not printers have the feature of sleep mode. Some older models’ printers do not have this feature.  If you want to find out that your newly purchased printer has this function or not, sees your user manual. You cannot completely disable sleep mode. Though some printers have the functionality of increasing or reducing the time before the printer goes into sleep mode.


If your HP Printer Technical Support is in sleep mode and you want to perform any action on this, your printer will automatically return to its normal power state when you send a print job. Sleep mode does not turn the printer off. Sometimes people have the complain that their printer goes into sleep mode automatically. Actually, the Auto-Off or Power Save Mode setting is enabled which is causing automatic action. You should know, Auto-off and sleep mode are not the same thing.  You can say that auto-Off what is defined by you. If your system has been switched off being in auto-off mode, you will need to switch the power button on to print or scan your jobs. If your printer is wireless and is in sleep mode and by chance it losses the connection to the network, you will need to make sure about the firmware update. If you want any new update any HP Printer Technical Support number +1800 870 7412.


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